Numa International Institute of Make-up and Design (NiiMD):
This is our all-inclusive Makeup and Design division that offers several highly in depth curriculums to educate our students at the highest levels of artistry. Our mission is to lay a solid foundation in the fundamentals of Makeup Artistry and Fashion Design while further advancing our students talent and knowledge. As beauty is timeless and interchangeable so is the method in which we choose to educate, inspire and express our vision.

Industry Prep:
This program is geared towards Commercial and Fashion Modeling (segments include) Posing, Runway, Model Etiquette, Composure, Personal Wellbeing, Nutrition, Jobs and Opportunities.

Acting Workshops and Continuums:
Professional Screen Acting for Kids, Teens and Adults includes:
Text Analysis, Script Breakdowns, the Secrets behind Professional on Camera Performances, Cold Read Auditions, and How to Market Yourself Properly to Gain Success in the Industry

In association with one of North America’s most credited speakers, Betty Cooper, Numa Speaks has set in motion the training facility and material to train those within our own organization and network in conjunction with our vast client base from around the world in: Keynote Presentation, Speech Writing, Pitch/Pace/Pause Projection methods, Broadcasting Workshops and more.

Public speaking is a big fear that can be overcome with knowledgeable professional training. Even if you are not setting out to speak in front of groups, you should consider your own personal communication skills as you might only get one shot at making a good first impression or a pitch that leads to that million dollar sale.